James Maslow Wikia
James Maslow Wikia
James released his debut album on March 3rd 2017.

Confirmed Tracks

So Bad, So Bad Addicted How I Like It Worship Cry (feat. City Fidelia) Fairy Tail Who Knows You're the One (That Got Away) Breaking Get You There This House Cry (Acoustic)

More Information

  • James made a guest appearance on Kocktails With Khloe and stated his music is coming this summer.
  • On a YouTube livestream on May 8th, James stated he plans to have his album finished by his birthday (July 16).
  • James recorded his album in Timbaland's studio in Virginia Beach, VA. It is unknown if he is finished recording it.
  • On a Facebook livestream, James said he wrote a song called "Boo Hoo" and he described it as a "cry me a river" song.
  • James announced on Instagram in 2014 that he has a song called "Coming For You" and the music video will be released closer to the release date of his movie Wild For The Night, which is unknown.
  • On May 22, A fan tweeted James saying "who are you?" and James replied with "I have no idea what you're referencing but that's the name of a new song I just wrote..."
  • "Taking a moment to recognize how dope it is to be recording my album in Virginia Beach at such a legendary studio. Thanks to #Makuta #Timbo" James tweeted on June 11th.
  • "Lies" and "Cirlces" are unlikely to be on the album because James described them as "appetizers" and claims the new music will be way better.